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How are you today?

Are you looking for a professional designer with a portfolio of visually pleasing and effective designs? I have a knack for seeing through the noise and getting the ball rolling quickly when it comes to design and collaboration. My aim is to help foster the best possible creative environments to innovate in. I have managed agency art studios, in-house creatives, and coordinated with vendors and C-suite exec’s. My diverse career path has taught me to be a strong communicator and a better listener. Let’s create something together!


Senior Designer 

Blanchard - Present


Senior Designer / 3D Designer

Callaway Golf Company - 09/07 - 01/13

Plenty happened between 1993 and 2007,

feel free to ask me about it.


music section

By the way, I'm a pretty good guitar player too. If you are here to check out future bookings click on over to the
music section for song samples, and use the contact section above for questions or to get in touch.

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